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The Sons of the American Legion
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The Sons’ Adventure Newsletters

The Sons of The American Legion Detachment of California’s newsletter called the Sons’ Adventure will be accessible from this location. The American Legion Family may link this site to their Post, District, Area and Department websites. The publication can be viewed with two options, option #1. you can open the file as a PDF and view it online or download and print the PDF (Portable Document Format). Option #2., you can opt to view it online as a flip-book and like a typical newspaper or magazine will allow you to turn the pages while relaxing to the sounds of some background music. The “Flip-Book” program has a tool bar at the top of the page allowing you to enlarged the print, print the document and/or send it’s location to a friend. If the music is not to your liking, you can turn it off by the icon on the bottom of the page. You will change the pages by clicking on the side arrows or upper and/or lower corners of the publication. Have Fun – the latest issue will be the first front cover you see.